It’s Game Day: Level Up to a Next Generation Analytics Platform

Take your insights to the next level. We’re releasing three important offerings designed to help you make the most of your data.

It’s Game Day: Level Up to a Next Generation Analytics Platform

Take insights to the next level. Literally. We’re releasing three important offerings designed to help you make the most of your data, along with an interactive Qlik Data Adventure on Instagram to explore the smart way to collect business insights.

Journey through the Qlik Cloud, the analytics platform and the data dungeon with our hero, Sven: (Before starting his journey, Sven did mention that the Qlik Data Adventure is best viewed via a mobile experience.)

It’s a big day for data—and here’s what you have to look forward to:

Qlik Sense Enterprise 2.0. With the latest release of Qlik® Sense, you’ll see a fully scalable business intelligence solution for the modern, data-driven enterprise, giving users the ability to answer not just “what happened?” but “why?” and, most importantly, “what will likely happen next?”

Qlik Sense spans use cases across the organization, offering self-service data visualization, reporting and dashboards, guided analytics, and embeddable analytics for web pages or web applications.

Don’t miss: Smart Data Load in Qlik Sense Enterprise 2.0 makes it even easier to bring data from across the organization together into one stunning visual application.

Qlik Sense Cloud Offerings. We’re excited to be the first in business intelligence to deliver Data-as-a-Service with two new offerings: Qlik DataMarket, and Qlik Sense Cloud.

With Qlik DataMarket, users have access to a wealth of external data that, when cross-referenced with their own data, provides much-needed context and drives deeper insights. Users can search custom, syndicated and public data and compare normalized data from different sources to benchmark and verify, then visualize the data to gain insights and understand important associations and relationships. For example—a sales manager could add population data to sales data for a more comprehensive looks at market penetration, or pull in weather information to understand the effect of weather on retail sales. With context for your data from the cloud, your insights become even more powerful.

#Qlik has some big news to share, and wants you to come along for the Data Adventure!

Wondering how many #Qonnections attendees are using #Qlik Cloud? Scroll to see the #QlikSense Chart

Qlik Sense Cloud supports the creation of dashboards and storyboards, and offers seamless sharing and interactivity, allowing users to share Qlik Sense applications with up to five individuals for free (even if those friends have colleagues who haven’t downloaded Qlik Sense themselves!). With Qlik Sense Charts, even non-technical users can easily embed interactive visualizations on any public website or blog and share via social media.

Speaking of which, here is an interactive Qlik Sense Chart that we have dropped into the Qlik Blog during Monday morning’s Qonnections demo. This shows Qlik Cloud users compared to Qonnections attendees by country.At a glance you can see four measurements listed by country: 1) Cloud Users, 2) Degree of App Sharing, 3) Qonnections Attendees 4) Companies Attending Qonnections.

Don’t miss: 5 billion+ fact values in Qlik DataMarket from over 200 data providers.

Last, (but certainly not least!), the Qlik Analytics Platform gives developers everything they need to create unrestricted, data-driven applications—and embed them on their sites, expanding the reach of their BI strategies and boosting their ability to effectively collaborate through data.

Qlik CTO Anthony Deighton says, “Developers can build apps that point to existing data sources and/or data warehouses, or just load the data into QIX Associative Data Indexing engine and take full advantage of the powerful indexing technology that will differentiate their apps from others…we built Qlik Sense using the same platform and APIs we are now making available to developers worldwide.”

Don’t miss: the next generation QIX associative data indexing engine that allows users to explore relationships across multiple data sources.

We’re excited to release our three new, game-changing offerings—and we’re excited for you to play.


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