Let Fair Competition Reign

Recently the CEO of ThoughtSpot posted a bit of a bizarre and disingenuous rant directed at Qlik. The timing of this is not surprising as we compete very successfully against ThoughtSpot in the market with our Qlik InsightBot search-based conversational analytics product, including several notable wins this past quarter. Quite honestly as a CEO I am embarrassed by the ThoughtSpot CEO’s behavior.

Truth is, ThoughtSpot has been methodically trying to poach Qlik employees for several years now. Qlik has never prevented employees from leaving the company, that of course happens in business! And as a responsible and ethical organization, Qlik will only take action where it is warranted for a specific situation. However, what we will never tolerate is theft of our intellectual property or our sales and pipeline information.

We stand behind the brilliant work and innovation of our Qlik employees over the years and we have every right to protect what they have built. Fair competition means you build on your own, not steal from others.

We have seen this behavior before of a CEO acting recklessly and irresponsibly. Hubris and mischaracterizations will catch up with him and the company. We have complete faith in our product roadmap, and we are in no way afraid to compete with ThoughtSpot for these individuals, in fact we welcome it. Great companies like Qlik are built on strong values and responsible leadership.

Several people have asked me if I am concerned about the post. The answer is no. I am happy. Anyone can post anything on the internet, true or not. Let’s keep our eyes on the facts – Qlik has an end-to-end, multi-cloud data and analytics solution that solves our customers’ most complex data challenges. And more and more customers are validating this with their wallets. The fact that this CEO went out of his way to attack us tells me one thing – he’s scared…

So in the end, thank you ThoughtSpot for the publicity, which highlights and acknowledges the fact that we have great employees and innovative software as a leader in the data and analytics market.

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